The 3 Best Virtual Meeting Platforms

At, our clients turn to us to provide the best audio-video solutions that get the job done.

Since the start of the pandemic, companies have been pivoting to remote and hybrid work models, putting a lot of faith in online tools such as video conferencing software.
There are three companies that said “challenge accepted” and have continuously improved their platforms to meet the growing demands of the new market.

Known for being ridiculously easy to use, Zoom replaces the need for bulky traditional control equipment in meeting rooms by utilizing a cloud-based video conferencing service. Zoom rooms feature HD video, professional sound, collaboration tools, breakout rooms, messaging features, and enterprise software integration. Since the pandemic began, Zoom has focused on enhancing security, adding more collaboration features and apps, as well as overhauling the user interface for a better experience. The plans and pricing range from free to enterprise, with options for up to 200 participants, cloud storage, vanity URL options and more. is proud to be a licensed provider and has specific Zoom Room hardware kits from Creston, Poly, Logitech and Lenovo.

Microsoft Teams
Sometimes referred to as MS Teams for those in a hurry, this dark horse came out of nowhere and took the world by storm as a premiere video conferencing solution with limitless integration. Part of Microsoft 365 family of products, MS Teams integrates messaging, file storage, file sharing and virtual meetings all in one handy platform. An all-in-one solution, it offers seamless integration through enterprise Sharepoint and OneDrive, Outlook email and calendars. Features robust file management and organization, with add-ons that bring meetings to life through games, whiteboards, polls, project management, and more. is proud to be a licensed provider and has specific MS Team Room hardware kits from Creston, Poly, Logitech and Lenovo.

Cisco WebEx
The original VoIP phone and meeting software that started it all. The Cisco WebEx Room Series fully integrates with the WebEx platform with products specifically designed to seamlessly connect for the ultimate meeting experience. Designed for large organizations, WebEx is trusted by 95% of Fortune 500 companies to be their go-to for video conferencing. Features such as phone integration, interactive webinar hosting capabilities, and real-time technical support, keep this platform as one of the top providers for meeting solutions in the virtual world. is proud to be a licensed provider and has specific WebEx Room hardware kits from Cisco. is proud to be a licensed provider for Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Cisco WebEx, and to offer end-to-end installation. We have specifically tailored hardware kits to optimize each platform with solutions from top professional manufacturers Cisco, Creston, Poly, Logitech and Lenovo.

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