AT, we design, install and service auditorium audio visual solutions in corporate and industrial settings across Canada and the US.

As organizations and corporations grow so does the need to gather rather large groups together for company-wide communications. Companies can go to external venues for this but over time the cost can be, simply, too great. If your organization requires a space for more than 100 colleagues to gather to communicate company updates, quarterly results or team building exercises, your organization should consider using your auditorium space to support these large events.

Having your own auditorium space also allows you to book any type of event ad-hoc without the need to confirm “with the venue”. Being able to call your entire organization together almost any time will boost your team’s morale, sense of belonging and confidence in your organization. not only keeps your current needs and budget in mind but can also design your auditorium in such a way that allows more robust support for ultra-important events. The main system can be designed for easy use for regular events (connect a laptop for presentations, a couple of wireless microphones, confidence monitor, etc.) and can also be designed to include a means to bring in additional equipment if a larger or VIP-type event requires this. can provide the rental of additional wireless microphones, audio consoles, video mixers, video playback systems, additional confidence monitors, cameras and much more that can seamlessly and quickly integrate into the existing audiovisual infrastructure. can provide both technical support as well as technical directors to assist with the over-all experience of your event. If you want minimal involvement with the execution of the event itself, simply hand the agenda to’s technical director and we’ll take it from there!


  • LCD display or LED panel video walls.
  • Ceiling mounted (even recessed) projectors.
  • Projection screen either recessed in the ceiling space or mounted directly onto the wall.
  • Wireless presentation technology to minimize (even eliminate) cable clutter.
  • Video collaboration platform (Teams, Zoom, WebEx, etc) using either proprietary hardware like a video conferencing codec or a team member’s laptop to connect easily over USB.
  • Video live-streaming to be able to get your message out further.
  • Fully customized touch panel to control the various equipment and functions of the room.
  • Touch panels can integrate in various ways; on an elegant stand atop the table or credenza, or directly integrated into the table or wall.
  • Room scheduling panels outside the room that integrate with your internal booking system easily identifying when the room is available or booked.
  • Conference microphones integrated seamlessly into ceiling tiles, finished ceiling or lectern.
  • Wireless microphones including handheld and lapel microphones for a presenter’s use.
  • Speakers integrated directly into the ceiling tile, finished ceiling or flush with the wall.
  • Staging that can either be permanently set-up or mobile to be used as the events or town halls require.
  • Large digit countdown timers, high-end wireless slide advancers and confidence monitors for presenter support.
  • AV racks and enclosures to house all the necessary equipment neatly hidden in a closet or cabinet.
  • The installed system can be designed to support your general, day-to-day events with the option of being able to bring in robust support when the big gigs need it.

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