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We design, install and service room scheduling solutions in corporate and industrial settings across Canada and the US.

As your business grows it becomes more important to provide multiple spaces for your team members to collaborate. As you begin to implement more and more Huddle Rooms and Conference Rooms, being able to manage these spaces can become quite cumbersome. Room scheduling devices become necessary here.

Has this ever happened? A few of your team members see an empty room and want to hop in to meet and work on a task or project together. However, a different team soon walks in and is surprised to see others in the room they booked for their meeting. Begin the awkward exchange of closing up laptops, gathering paperwork, ending a conference call, maybe a sarcastic remark and the productivity of both groups is ruined. Even after they’ve moved on from that situation.

How about this? A team member sets up a meeting and they make a printout saying that room is booked on a particular date at a particular time. This then gets taped to the door of the room. That team member needed to spend time writing up a note and using valuable printer ink for something that is very temporary. Maybe the tape doesn’t hold, and the note falls off the door. Someone else sees paper on the floor and puts it in the recycling. Nullifying the whole process anyway.

Including a Room Scheduling system in your business will allow your team to book spaces effectively and very efficiently. A sleek and attractive interactive touch panel tastefully affixed right next to the meeting room door shows upcoming meetings, who it was booked by and highlights red or green based on room availability. If a few team members do want to quickly jump into an available room, they can see if the room is indeed booked by another later. Avoiding the awkward exchange from earlier!

Room Scheduling system can integrate directly into your chosen server systems (Outlook/Exchange for example). When a meeting is setup in Outlook and the room is included as part of the invite, the systems will automatically sync and the Room Scheduling panel outside the room is updated. No more taping paper to the door!

A meeting could even be booked directly from the touch panel outside the room. Say some of your team members wrap up a meeting and want to easily schedule the next one. On their way out they can use the touch panel just beside the door to book their next meeting in that room very easily.

To make things even easier you could include an occupancy sensor in the meeting room. So again, if a few team members want to quickly jump into a room without booking it formally, the occupancy sensor will see the team members in the room and automatically update the Room Scheduling system saying the room is in use. And when the team members leave, the occupancy sensor will automatically tell the Room Scheduling system the room is now available.



  • Sleek, attractive touch panels affixed to the wall, mullion frame or glass right beside the meeting room door highlighting red or green based on room availability.
  • Optional wall-mounted indicators (highlighting red or green as well) that can be installed high up on the wall for easy viewing over great distances.
  • Connects directly to your corporate network over a single CAT6 cable.
  • Powered by PoE for an easy installation over a single cable.
  • Discrete occupancy sensors installed on the ceiling inside the room to see team members are using the room.
  • Optional control processor to connect to your business’s internal servers (i.e., Exchange).


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