We design, install and service conference room audio visual solutions across Canada.

Conference Rooms are considered the cornerstone of any office space that facilitate the most important business transactions and collaborations. Be it for closing deals, client meetings, department meetings, hosting guests, or conducting interviews, including a leading-edge Conference Room in your office space is a key feature to the success of your business. Conference Rooms are often the first impression for anyone coming into your business. Having an unprofessional, out of date or problematic Conference Room will reflect the same way on your operation. Like a custom-tailored suit, your Conference Room conveys your level of success, attention to detail and relevancy in the business world.

As more and more people and organizations are choosing to work remotely, Conference Rooms become even more important in ensuring your team members can connect and collaborate easily and without borders with the use of a Video Collaboration platform. Being able to maintain face-to-face interactions is monumental to foster quality collaboration between team members working remote or at the office.

With more and more businesses choosing open office spaces, a Conference Room offers your team members a quiet place, away from distraction, to focus on achieving the needs of your business. Conference Rooms offer an accommodating space to allow teams and departments to conduct report meetings, share updates and set goals; allowing team members to feel they truly know their role in the success of your business.

Having multiple Conference Rooms in proximity to each other can further expand on the flexibility and efficient use of your office space. Including an operable partition wall between Conference Rooms can easily turn two large Conference Rooms into one, large Town Hall space. Using seamlessly integrated sensors can make this transition effortless; changing the technology to accommodate larger Town Hall meetings by simply “opening the wall”.


  • Large format LCD or LED monitor.
  • Ceiling mounted (even recessed) projector.
  • Projection screen neatly recessed in the ceiling space.
  • Wireless presentation technology to minimize (even eliminate) cable clutter.
  • Video collaboration platform (Teams, Zoom, WebEx, etc), using either proprietary hardware like a video conferencing codec or a team member’s laptop to connect easily over USB.
  • Fully customized touch panel to control the various equipment and functions of the room.
  • Touch panels can integrate in various ways; on an elegant stand atop the table or credenza, or directly integrated into the table or wall.
  • Room scheduling panels outside the room that integrate with your internal booking system easily identifying when the room is available or booked.
  • Microphones integrated seamlessly into either the conference table, ceiling tiles or finished ceiling.
  • Speakers integrated directly into the ceiling tile or finished ceiling.
  • An interactive whiteboard.
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