#1 Back to the Office Complaint? Noise. AVT can help.


Office employees have returned to the workplace, and whether they are on a hybrid or full-time schedule, one thing remains the same – they are not a fan of office noise.

AVT.ca can help you on your mission to soothe these tensions with a solution that you may not have considered: sound masking.

The two major benefits of sound masking

#1 Speech Privacy

According to an Analysis of data from the Center for the Built Environment by by Jungsoo Kim and Richard de Dear, from the University of Sydney, the chance of unintended listeners picking up on confidential conversations is the highest cause of employee dissatisfaction in office spaces. 

Since moving to open office designs with less private space available, sound masking is more important than ever to keep your workforce confident in their ability to remain discrete from anywhere in the office.

Graphic courtesy of Biamp

#2 Decrease Distraction

The ability to pick up on conversations and activities you don’t need to participate in, can equally be frustrating for employees in the workplace.

Unintended distractions can come at any time in an office, which Interrupt activities that require focus and detailed attention, detracting from productivity and contributing to missed deadlines. Sound masking helps to decrease distractions by creating a barrier between the offending noise and the employee. 

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Sound masking made easy with AVT

AVT.ca can help you reduce the noise in your workplace without adding unnecessary partitions and walls through advances in sound masking technologies. 

We utilize the Cambridge QT X series by Biamp, which provides full-spectrum solutions with controls that help to combat the noisiest of offices. Compatible with background music and paging systems, the QT Emitters and Dynasound loudspeakers allow for a seamlessly unified experience.

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AVT.ca can help build you a sound masking solution that your employees will appreciate.
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