Acoustic Panel Solutions

Have you been on a conference call with someone in a boardroom where their audio sounds very “roomy” or “reverb-y”? Boardrooms are often filled with materials that have hard surfaces such as wood, glass, drywall, and marble. These hard reflective surfaces are conducive to making sound bounce back and forth between them to make it sound like this person is singing in a cathedral or a shower. This leads to audio on a conference call being unintelligible, as the microphone would pick up both the direct sound of the person speaking plus the indirect sounds of all the reverberations in the room.

Acoustic panels are a way to improve intelligibility in a conference room. The placement and material of these acoustic panels absorb the sound energy rather than reflect them, dampening the room sounds and increasing intelligibility as the microphone picks up more of the person speaking and less of the room. We recently installed some acoustic panels for a client and this improved their audio in the conferencing system. The panels are seamlessly integrated into their room with colour matching as well as cutouts for their thermostat. is a full-service AV integrator that offers acoustic paneling solutions and much more. Contact for more information and request a quote for an acoustics solution today!