Virtual Cooking Class

People are cooking at home more than ever due to stay-at-home orders, and those seeking cooking classes to improve their home cooking can enjoy a high quality production of a cooking show along with the personal intimacy of a live lesson over a videoconference call.

We support virtual cooking classes, bringing in a HD video camera that is fixed on the chef and a compact action camera which is situated above the stove giving detailed views of the countertop activity (and don’t worry, it is mounted securely so it will not fall into the soup). This multi-camera set up goes into our video switcher for dynamic transitions for an educational and exciting experience. Coupled with a lavalier microphone on the chef for speech clarity going into our digital mixer to equalize out the inevitable ambient kitchen sounds that may interfere on the call, the end user participates in a memorable virtual cooking session like they were meeting in person. The only thing missing is smelling the delicious food.

Whether it is Teams, Webex, Zoom, or any other preferred meeting platform, we can support your next virtual meeting. Contact us for your next event!